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Altador Council Chamber

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In order to claim the prizes from King Altador you first need to complete The Darkest Faerie plot. After that you can visit the Council Chamber and click on King Altador once a day. The link to him is different for everybody, so clicking on him on the picture below doesn't work.

Council Chamber

The council chamber holds the twelve seats of the Heroes of Altador. This is where they meet to debate the issues facing the great kingdom of Altador.

Jerdana and Altador smile as you enter. "Welcome back," Jerdana says. "Would you like me to repeat the story of how Altador's history was hidden and later freed?"

Council Chamber

King Altador smiles at you as you enter. "In continuing memory of your great service to our land, I'd like to present you with a gift. It's only a small token of our appreciation, but we hope you will find it to your liking."

Council Chamber

King Altador hands you your gift...

Your Neopet will love you forever if you give it this charming Blue Kacheek Plushie.
Blue Kacheek Plushie
A cute little Lupe doll for your pet to play with.
Yellow Lupe Plushie
A fishy play mate for your pet:)
Blue Flotsam Plushie
This Kougra plush toy has been lovingly hand crafted by the natives of Mystery Island.
Yellow Kougra Plushie
Aww, a cute little cybunny Neopet plushie! The green ones arent waterproof, so dont get them wet!
Green Cybunny Plushie
This little gnome will welcome your friends as soon as they step into your garden.
Welcoming Lupe Gnome
These shells are quite common, in fact you can find lots of them just lying around the Maraquan sea bed.
Purple Scallop Shell
If you can prise it open, you may find a glistening pearl inside!
Green Clam Shell
Not as fancy as the battle helmet, but this helmet will still protect you.
Altadorian Practice Helmet
Stay protected with this sturdy shield.
Warriors Round Shield
This beautiful sword will help to keep your pet out of danger.
Altadorian Initiate Sword
This bread tastes great with Doric Soup, but architects might give you funny looks.
Ionic Bread
Even plain old bread from Altador is ever so delicious.
Altadorian Bread
This tasty treat is named after the heroes of Altador! Its just a marketing scheme really.
Hero Gyro
A fancy tureen filled with olives, of all things.
Tureen of Olives
This Petpet is quite scared of loud noises, sudden movements, and anything that starts with the letter D. It needs a kind and loving Neopet to take care of it, but it will be quite loyal to its owner for ever and ever.
Everyone will want to visit your Neohome when you have this rug.
Altador Rug
A chilled olive filled with sweet honey.
Honey Filled Olive
Ever wondered what your Lupe was thinking as it stared longingly at the moon? Now this great pet care book can help you understand your Lupe better.
Inside the Mind of a Lupe
The Altadorian symbol on a stained glass window.
Altador Stained Glass Window
The lovely taste of a chocolate chip cookie, shaped like a Chia.
Chocolate Lupe Treat
He helped restore Altadors memories. Least we could do was give him his own window.
Finneus Stained Glass Window
A delicious bag of all those yummy things your Lupe loves to eat.
Lupe Snack Pack
Block out some of that blinding light you opponent is radiating with some smoke for this mote!
Smoke Mote
This mote can be hard as a rock or change into different shapes to help defend your Neopet.
Metallic Mote
This ball of flames is not only good for defence, but also may assist you with an occasional attack!
Fire Mote
This magical mote will circle your pet making it more powerful.
Water Mote
Lots of puzzles that range from easy to difficult.
Lenny Crosswords

200 Neopoints!

300 Neopoints!

350 Neopoints!

Council Chamber

King Altador frowns at you as you enter. "You've already received your free prize today. I'd like to think you can summon the patience to wait again until tomorrow."