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Mystery Island Plot 2003

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A lot of weird things have been happening to Mystery Island recently. The Tombola Man has vanished, and today it seems that the Techo Master has been kidnapped from the Training School (maybe his price change had something to do with it! :) Also, the volcano in the centre of the island has started to belch out foul-smelling smoke... Here you can view the latest developments regarding this plot.

The final clues to save Mystery Island can be found when you go to the island mystic. There you will find the following clues:
They will arise from their sleep, and our enemies forever begone.
Fiery Rock will illuminate the darkness
He who has lived a thousand years will return to protect us from evil
A creature can help us defeat the shaman
Take all the last words of above senteces, so "begone" "evil" "shaman" "of" "darkness" and add that to the link from when you found the shaman inside the volcano. and then you will see this: You've done it! After shouting the incantation the Shaman hoped no one would ever discover, he disappears in a puff of smoke! The trembling ceases and the Moltenore rests quietly in the belly of the volcano where it belongs. The 5 guardians whom you so bravely helped rescue rush to congratulate you and thank you for your heroism! You've saved Mystery Island from certain doom! Thank you so very much! Yay! You won!!! We will let you know soon if and when you have won a prize!!!

Climb into the mouth of the opened Techo Mountain. And perform the following fight technics "Short left kick" "Uppercut" "Right straight punch" "High block" "Left straight punch" "Low block" "Roundhouse" "Left cross" "Right jab" "Right Hook" and you will free the techo master. "The stone statue shivers and creaks, and suddenly transforms into a living, breathing techo! The techo steps forward and nods. "Thank you, young grasshopper. You have freed me from my prison, and learned a surprising amount about martial arts too.Now run along and help free the others. You will need a word in order to defeat your enemies, and that word is 'Magma'. Run now, there can be no more delays."

The letters found on the Mystery Island Beach can be used as password at the Techo Mountain. Add "?password=hyaklob" to the address and the techo mountain will open and you will see a stoned techo master.

The letter previously found by Jhudora has releaved another clue. By going to the neohome on Sfari Lane 39782 you will find an abandoned house."You find an abandoned house... on the floor seems to be scrawled some sort of combination... maybe to a safe! 59 39 18 19 04 24 58"

The Neopshop of cocoluvr_y5 has loads of Coconut items. It's probably an account made by Neopets. So here must be found some kind of clue. For instance when you move your mouse over the Tiki Plushie you get to see the message "Help! Help". All the other Tiki Plushies have an other message than this one.

Check the source code of Jhudora's cloud and you will find the clue to get a clue when you add "?askabout=tikitourguide" to the link of jhudora's cloud webpage. You want to know about that talking statue? Oh, yes I bought that little guy from a merchant on Mystery Island. Cute little fellow, only 2 inches high, but you'd think he was alive. It was a great ornament for my mantlepiece for a while, but then it kept screaming 'HELP', which got on my nerves. I eventually gave him away to somebody who did a quest for me. Can't remember the guy's name, but I know he loved coconuts and tiki, and all that rubbish...

A clue can be seen when you add "?ask=mysteryword" to the link to the cooking pot. Ahh, yes, I remember there was some sort of secret word that I was supposed to remember. I think I even wrote it down at some point, but now I just can't remember it at all. It's as if it has been removed from the whole of the history of Neopia!

10/15/2003 | TIKI MAN IS BACK
The Tiki man is back but he looks a bit strange. He has been cursed. To free him you need to buy a "Magic Tiki Mask" with the shop wizard and go to the tomola man and you will get the following to see: You saved me, and I can't thank you enough! I was cursed with an evil mask, and was under the control of that shaman! He is loose on the island, and he is trying to open the volcano and free that beast inside! I don't know what his plans are after that, but I'm betting we aren't going to like them. You must look for the others. When we are all free we will be able to seal the volcano up once more, for the safety of the whole of the Island! I have a word that will aid you in your quest, and that word is 'Beast'. Maybe you should ask Jhuidah what her mystery word is! Thanks, Good Luck, and when this is all over how about you come back for a nice game of Tombola!

I am back! I can tell you little about my captivity, where I went, or what happened, because I was unconcious most of the time. However, in my weakened state I believe that somebody... or something is trying to unlock the volcano. Yes, inside the volcano lives a beast of mythic proportions. If his power is harnessed, who knows what evil will come to the world. I think it is already too late, I was unable to stop the seal being broken. You must hurry, find the other guardians of the volcano and free them, for only then can we join together and close the seal on the volcano and trap the beast forever. I have one thing you may need - a word. It is part of a spell, and my word is 'Awaken'. Guard it wisely! Anyway, here is your daily fortune...

Finally, after working your way through the dark, winding tunnels, you round the final corner and make your way into a huge opening. You should have been more quiet, however. If you had, the Fire Faerie wouldn't have noticed your arrival. No, the incantation is nearly complete! How did you get in here!!! GET LOST!!!

10/15/2003 | TECHO MOUNTAIN
Nobody knows who carved this mountain, it has been on Mystery Island as long as anybody can remember. People assume the carver was a Techo, who made the mountain in his own likeness. The Mouth is Closed. A voice suddenly booms 'What is the PASSWORD????'. Do you have it?

The beach has been discovered on the Mystery Island Map."Ahhh, what a pleasant place. Anybody for a game of volleyball?" And when you refresh the webpage, you can see letters in the sand. Click to see the letters K Y S H B O F L

10/15/2003 | JHUDAH FOUND A NOTE
I found this earlier in the bushes over there. I am not sure what it is, but it may be an important part of the puzzle in rescuing our friends! I think it is some sort of language, but not one I have ever seen before, and believe me, I have been on this island for a long time! This website has found the following message visible on this note :
"PS You were correct: with the four of them gone, the power of the ancients was weak enough to open the first seal: Jhudiah can do nothing now, she is harmless: my minions are working on breaching the second as we speak: when all three are down the secret of the volcano shall beyours (sic) My lord: when going on safari, safety is of the utmost importance: Make sure you pack at least three large pian leaves, nine pinannas, and seven kraku berries in case of poisons: at eight o'clock every day you must prepare the camp. It is only two hours till nightfall and the island can get very dangerous J"

The trail leads to a small cave in the base of the volcano. The Fire Faerie hasn't noticed you so far, and you heard that the Coco JubJubs made these passages years ago ... so why not? You enter the cave cautiously, fearing what may lurk inside. It's dark, but you are barely able to make out a fork in the passage. Do you go left or right? Which way will lead to the mysteries of the Volcano? Choose wisely... Many paths lead to a dead end but when you choose wisely you might get to see this passage. The fire Faerie has founded you and says the following: "Finally, after your long journey through the winding tunnels, you see a light. You round the corner and are met by a Fire Faerie. She looks might angry. You're not allowed in here. Get out NOW! With that, she begins chanting what sounds like a spell. It might be best if you didn't stick around to find out what she's casting... RUNNNN!"

I have to tell you what happened, it was terrible. I was just standing at my pot, trying out a few new ingredients... in fact I was trying to make this root, Botago Root for a friend of mine. It turns out that it has magical shrinking properties. So anyway, I hear these footsteps, and this strange language behind me... and there he was, a squat little shaman, with these red feathers in his hair. I asked him what he wanted, but I don't think he understood my language. He walked up to me, and pushed me into the pot, and, well I can only assume that I started to shrink, because when I came around I was trapped in this stupid bowl. This shaman is behind the kidnappings, he must be. To help you on your quest I will let you in to a secret. The kidnappings are not random, I hoped they were, but now I know that there is a purpose behind them. The five of us were entrusted a long time ago as the keepers of Mystery Island. There is something horrible in the volcano, something really bad, and if it escaped it could mean doom for the whole island, and the power that we were given all those years ago has kept the volcano sealed and the evil at bay. I fear that this shaman is trying to get us out of the way so he can release this evil on the world, and by kidnapping the keepers of the volcano he may have got a good start. You must search the island for the four remaining people and free them, the fate of the whole island lies in your hands! I can tell you two things that will help you on your quest. Firstly, it seems that this shaman has an evil sense of humour (hence where I have spent the last 24 hours!). Secondly, he doesn't want to hurt us, he wants to hide us somewhere where we will never be found.

To free Jhuidah, who has been kidnapped by an unknown person, you need to do the following: 1) You must get a Tagobo Plant and a Botago Plant (Combine the items "Mix Slugroot, Peach Jelly and Green Uni Morphing Potion at the Cooking Pot to get this item). 2) Mix the Tagobo Plant and a Botago Plant at the Cooking Pot. This should give you Tagobo Potion. 3) Go to the Rock Pool. There you find Jhuidah locked up in one of the bottles. Click on Jhuidah and you will get a cry for help from her. Jhuidah should become free and and you will get the Free Jhuidah Avatar.

The Island Faerie is nowhere to be seen, and the doors are locked. I hope you didn't have any items in there, because they aren't coming out until these kidnappings are stopped!"

We thought that the kidnapper wouldn't strike again, but he (or she, or it) has! The Island Faerie is nowhere to be seen, there is no note, no sign of a struggle, nothing. Without the Island Faerie here the pot may not work the way it is supposed to...

This burned note has been founded lying on the grounds of Mystery Island. It clearly says the words "Green Jelly" and "Root". What does this mean ??? Will this be a clue that Jelly World soon gets discovered ??? Only time will learn ...

Oh no! Who would want to kidnap the Mystery Island Tour Guide? It seems that somebody came in the night, smashed up his cart, and stole him away. The mysterious kidnapper has struck again! Is there a pattern behind these recent crimes? Where have all these islanders been taken? One thing is for certain - nobody has a clue!

The Mystic is nowhere to be seen... Eek! I am glad you arrived in time, I was so scared!! However... a young Acara named Mora sits on the bed. "I came here a couple of days ago, to get my fortune told, and the nice old mystic he had these cards, these magical cards that could see the future. Anyway, he turned the first card over, and there was a picture of a volcano, and then the second card, that was a volcano too, and then the third card - that was a volcano. He looked really worried." "... then there was this noise, and I hid under the bed. I think somebody came and took the Mystic away, I don't know who, and I dont know why... and I've been too scared to leave since. I think the volcano is going to erupt, and the whole island is *waaaaaaahhh*" Mora is very upset, I think it's best you leave her alone... UPDATE : when you check the source code of the Island Mystic webpage you can find the following clue : "Looking closer you see two sets of footprints leaving the hut. You also find a single red feather on the floor near the door".

In the centre of Mystery Island, just above the gigantic Techo Head, is a huge volcano. Thankfully the volcano is dormant, however recently smoke has started to issue out of the vast caldera once more. Could it be a passing thing, or a huge eruption about to happen? Nobody is packing their bags and leaving the island, so it can't be that much of a threat! One of the legends of Mystery Island speaks of a gigantic beast, a mile high, that was trapped inside the volcano to stop it burning down the whole island. Mothers usually tell this story to their children at night to stop them from venturing too far into the jungle however! STOP!!! "Don't go any further. As soon as I heard what was happening here on Mystery Island, Fyora sent me straight down here to try and help. I have no idea who is behind this recent spate of kidnappings, or why the volcano has started to smoke, but I am determined to find out." "For the time being, please do not go any further. I am concerned for your safety, and nobody on the island is to go near the volcano at all. Queen Fyora's orders."

The Tiki Tack man is nowhere to be seen. He never leaves his tombola unattended (and if he does, there is usually a note)... and it also looks like there was signs of a scuffle, as some of the items have been knocked from the shelves. I wonder where he has gone?

A school without a master is nothing, and that is what we have become, for only last night our honourable master was stolen from us. We fear he was kidnapped, for there was signs of a strong fight. Chairs knocked over, and strange holes burned into the sides of the school wall. If you could help us at all we would appreciate it. We do not know what, or who could overpower such a skilled fighter, but he is obviously a foe worthy of great respect.