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Neopets - Weltrude's Toy Chest


My, it's so good to see all these visitors! It's wonderful to see so much interest in raising Petpets. The Petpet Protection League created Petpet Park as a place to train and care for Petpets, and we're excited to introduce all the new Petpet species to Neopia. There's much to do before the park is fully open, but to kickoff the celebration, we have some great games, daily prizes, and contests planned for your entertainment. Have fun,Your friends at the PPL.

Index Operation Petpet Park

The Hifflo just keeps bouncing and bouncing...
Hifflo Yoyo

Awww what a cute little Pinixy keyring.  It will watch your keys.
Pinixy Keyring

The perfect gift for any Dipni owner.
Dipni Mug

Yummm... what a tasty looking Oukin.
Oukin Lolly

The Petpet Food company is proud to introduce its new line of canned pet food made for groovy pets.
Disco Petpet Food

Oh no, how will this puzzle ever get solved?
Kassegat Jig Saw Puzzle

Now this sugar cookie is sure to be sweet!
Drym Shaped Frosted Sugar Cookie

One of Kaylas more successful potions...
Petpet Growth Syrup Stamp

The Altalaphus and Altachuck Petpets were chosen for this first edition Petpet stamp.
First Edition Altador Petpet Stamp

The Alabriss and Vaeolus Petpets were chosen for this second edition Petpet stamp.
Second Edition Altador Petpet Stamp

Mmm... this house looks good enough to eat!
Wintery Petpet Shop Stamp

This book has pictures of the bone and muscle structure of many different Petpets - how informative!
Petpet Biology

Every Whinny dreams of one day making it to the legendary Whinny Meadows where the grass is super sweet and everything smells like fresh dew...
Whinny Meadows

Fantastic full colour pictures of all kinds of different Slugawoos.
Slugawoo Art

Four short stories about Babaa adventures and escapades.
Babaa Tales

Learn all about the park and what attractions it has.
Petpet Park

Three cute tales of Slugawoos having great adventures.
Slugawoo Adventures

Top tips on how to trim your Gruslens claws amd polish those tusks without getting a nasty nip.
Gruslen Grooming

Being the runt of the litter isnt always a bad thing, as one little Mazzew discovers.
The Littlest Mazzew

A history of the Yooyus rise to Altadorian fame.
The Yooyu

What do you do when your Robot Petpet breaks down?  This book can tell you!
Repairing Your Petpets

An in depth autobiography about Woogy.

A collection of three adventures of Snicklebeasts and their owners.
Snicklebeast Adventures

Delicious alternative meals for Skeiths who will eat just about anything.
Cooking With Petpets

The official guide!  Any other guide is just rubbish.
The Rock Pool and You: Your guide to Mystery Island Petpets

Cool, a Mallard Balloon, just what your Neopet always wanted.
Mallard Balloon

This Faellie is not your friend, but it doesnt really have a choice, does it?
Darigan Faellie Action Figure

Everything you ever wanted to know about Faellies in one pink book!
Faellie Handbook

Just like a faerie cake, only it looks like a Faellie :)
Banana Faellie Cake

Learn the best cures for common Gallion diseases and ways to keep your Gallion in top health.
Gallion Care

Gallant Gallions fight evil villians in this thrilling comic.
Gallant Gallions Comic

A fun, easy to follow story for the early reader.
Gruslen Pop-Up Book

Wartroot might be bitter, but if you add enough sugar it tastes great!
Wartroot Snorkle Lollypop

It was not just that good things happened when Furgles was around, it was more nothing bad even came close to happening...
The Luckiest Babaa

A cute tale of a Wocky who was given their very first Babaa.
My First Babaa

The safest place for your Neopoints if you never want to see them again.
Greedy Kadoatie Piggy Bank

This book is about a gallion that just couldnt stop looking at itself in a mirror.
The Gorgeous Gallion

Your will have the most pampered Snorkle around with this great Usuki set!
Pink Snorkle Usuki Set

A cute collection of stories written by Neopets who bought their Petpet from Peopatra.
Peopatras Petpets

Delicious Meridell treats to please any Petpets (especially Turmacs).
Turmac Snacks

This wonderful book gives suggestions for counting Babaas and even has Babaas on each page for you to count!
Counting Babaas

The title says it all, Faellies are fantastic arent they :)
Fantastic Faellies

Strategies and more to help you get that elusive high score.
Meepit vs Feepit Game Guide

A collection of cute stories, each featuring Faellies.
Faellie Tales

Now you can colour adorable pictures of Gallions.
Gallion Colouring Book

How to keep your Babaas wool clean and curly plus top tips for polishing those paws.
Babaa Care

Now this bed looks perfect for jumping and sleeping...
Paw Print Bed

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