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Neopets - Festival of Neggs

If your Neopet is looking for a bit of fun and possibly a bit of an adventure you might want to take them to check out the Festival of Neggs. The Negg Faerie is looking for some help!

Turmac Roll
Meerca Chase
Ultimate Bullseye

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The prize you receive is choosen at random. We all get different items. Below you can see all the items given sofar. Instead of an item you could also win up to 1,000NP.

A delicious milk chocolate hollow egg with a white chocolate Cybunny iced onto it.
Cybunny Chocolate Egg
Surround yourself with colourful Neggs all year long!
Festival of Neggs Garland
Cookies are always better with frosting!
Yellow Easter Negg Cookie
Have a mini Festival of Neggs all by yourself with this Negg bush.
Negg Bush
A lovely decorative item carved from the finest Neopian wood.
Carved Wooden Negg
Its not really made of scarabs, you know. At least, we dont think it is.
Scarab Negg
Raw eggs, flakes of corn and milk make this a very nutritious way to start your day.
Eggy Weggs
After eating this lolly, your tongue will be lots of different colours!
Easter Negg Lolly Pop
Finally eggs that conform to a geometric shape. Same taste just more fun to eat.
Square Eggs
A delicious treat that will soon have you feeling jolly.
Plain Negg Neggnog
This ordinary Negg is painted to look just like the late King Coltzan.
Coltzan Negg
This chocolate negg has little bits of almond mixed into it.
Nutty Chocolate Negg
Oh dear, looks like someone left this chocolate negg out in the sun for too long.
Melted Chocolate Negg
A lovely big negg made entirely from chocolate!
Chocolate Negg
A whole bunch of theories that may help you hatch you very own Draik.
Hatching A Draik Egg
This negg has been separated until it can learn to get along with itself.
Partitioned Negg
Now you can make your own soldiers by slicing the toast and dipping them into your egg.
Boiled Egg on Toast
These tiny little eggs are served on a bed of grass inside a crunchy earth taco shell.
Mini Egg Taco
Its advised you remove the stem before eating.
Colourful Negg Pizza
This cheerful pattern will put a smiled on your Neopets face this Easter.
Patterned Chocolate Negg
Who loves Neggs? You do!
All About Neggs Background
What is more tasty than a Negg? A Negg crispy rice treat!
Easter Negg Crispy Rice Treat
This hollow chocolate egg has a white chocolate Baby Cybunny iced onto it.
Baby Cybunny Chocolate Egg
For the Grarrl who wants to have the worst breath around!
Rotten Egg Grarrl Gobstopper
The pieces may look like neggs, but youre not supposed to eat them.
Negg Kacheekers
This egg looks so pretty its a bit of a shame to eat it.
Swirly Chocolate Egg

You've found a springtime gift!


Red Negg Plushie or Pink Symol has been added to your Inventory.

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