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Game 331 | Test Your Strength


Wow! You look strong, well, you don't really. I was lying. I bet you couldn't even score two points! Pick up the mallet (if you can), and prepare to test your strength... (It costs 100NP to play!)


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Every 6 hours
100NP per play
100NP per 100pts scored
15 seconds
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100,000 total plays medal
trophie #1
trophie #2
trophie #3

GOLD => 88 - 89
SILVER => 86 - 88
BRONZE => 82 - 86

* Scores on 09/30/2010 *

GAME HELP : Here are some tips you can use while playing the game

Arnold says 'I knew opening a fairground in the Haunted Woods was a bad idea!'

An easy game as it might appear. But since the game is located at the Deserted Fairground, you can expect that the game is a bit rigged. Click on the hammer to pay 100NP and start the game. You need to click on the red button with the hammer. Then at total random the bar goes up and stops, showing your prize. What did you get?

When the red bar goes up, your score will be rated between a number from 1 to 100. There also are names along the road to the top: USELESS, PATHETIC, WEAKLING, PUNKY, AVERAGE, STRONG, MIGHTY, IMPRESSING, AMAZING and at the top the big JACKPOT.

If your wandering what you can win with this game, well, ofcourse there is a possible chance to win the Jackpot. But other Neopoints prize between 1NP to 300NP can also be won. And then there are a lot of different items that you can win. Below you see them all:

Almost-but-not-quite gummy goodness. Strawberry wild!
Almost Gummy Rat (Strawberry)
This lamp has a baby Fireball on it - how cute. This can only be won from the Test Your Strength game.
Baby Fireball Lamp
A big bag of assorted Halloween sweets. This can only be won from the Test Your Strength game.
Bag Of Halloween Sweets
What goes bounce...bounce...whirr... splat?
Blumaroo Steak
Ewww... this cant really be made of brains... can it??
Brain Ice Cream
Eww now that is just nasty! The way it jiggles is quite alarming!
Ooh Brown, you dont see many of them. This can only be won from the Test Your Strength game.
Brown Evil Fuzzle
A lovely thick custard with special spooky ingredients.
Chilled Eyeball Custard
The perfect treat for any time you are feeling spooky!
Chokato Ghostkersandwich
From the deepest parts of the haunted woods, the Clawmatoe is one fruit that will scratch back...
With authentic blood-coloured tomato sauce.
Crypt of Spaghetti
The only steak that will fly away if you are too slow...
Deviled Steak
It cant fly, cant move very fast and mainly just sits there staring with those big round eyes.
Drugals require regular brushing and bathing to stop them turning into frizzy messes.
This wrap looks particularly angry to be eaten.
Glaring Eye Wrap
This Petpet has a voracious appetite that could almost match a Skeiths!
This paint brush has an eerie feel about it, and that strange humming noise...I wonder what it will do to my pet?
Halloween Paint Brush
It can get very irritable if its fed the wrong foods!
A fantastic mid-morning snack that will terrify your friends.
Jellied Eyeballs
Once they start following your Neopet around, they are extremely hard to get rid of.
Extra-crunchy toenails make this food a delight to eat.
Knuckle Sandwich
A large meal to fill your young ones. Toe lint now available as an extra bonus.
Large Grundo Toe With Lint Side Order
Mum! Mum! My meal keeps staring at me! It is freaking me out.
Mashed Eye Potato
Yay for Meepits!!! This can only be won from the Test Your Strength game.
Meepit Poster
This stunning pillow can be won from the Test Your Strength game.
Meowclops Pillow
Only the finest Grulb is ever used.
Mound of Grulb
You would think being mummified would stop it dripping!
Mummified Ice Cream
Eeep, this Negg looks rather scary. This can only be won from the Test Your Strength game.
Mummified Negg
No, you cant seriously make pies out of Petpets... can you?
Orange Goople
Good things come in small packages, and these chocolate covered treats sure are small!
Peanut Butter Spiders
Freshly baked pumpkin cookies with a crunchy frog interior. Do not tell your friends about the surprise inside and watch them gag!
Pumpkin Cookies
This would be rather nice if it didnt taste so gruesome!
Pumpkin Ghost Toast
Wow! You cant paint Slorgs red you know! This can only be won from the Test Your Strength game.
Red Slorg
Ahhh... the poor little tentacle!
Roast Tentacle
A steaming bowl of fiery broth that will soon put hairs on your chest.
Scary Soup
What goes into Skeith juice? You just dont want to know...
Skeith Juice Cocktail
The perfect treat for any time you are feeling spooky!
Slime Ghostkersandwich
This really doesnt look like something you should eat!
Slime Sundae
Mmmm Slime!!!!
Snorkle Snout
Yummy pumpkin sauce deliciously drizzled over a...erm strange black...what is that exactly?
Spooky Doughnut
It looks like a little Petpet has been scooped into an ice cream cone and frozen!
Spooky Gooplecream
Eat it before it eats you!
Spooky Raspberry Pie
Pumpkin, swirly stuff and cream make this a rather pleasant spooky dessert.
Spooky Shake
Edna claims this will make you smarter if you eat it... I doubt that!
Squishy Brain Wrap
Frustrated at Techo Says? Wipe the smile off his face with this delicious Techo forearm.
Sun Dried Techo Claw
Uh Oh looks like you won a boobie prize. This can only be won from the Test Your Strength game.
Test Your Strength Mug
Show the world how much you love the game. This can only be won from the Test Your Strength game.
Test Your Strength T-Shirt
Blow one too many raspberries and this is what happens...
Tongue with Veggies
Amazingly enough these little fellows have poor eyesight in daylight, although they can see perfectly in the dark.
Once this was a vanilla sponge cake but its previous owner carelessly left it too close to Ednas spell book.
Vanilla Ghost Cake
Maybe you shouldnt wear this badge with pride... This can only be won from the Test Your Strength game.
Weakling Badge
He followed you home from those spooky woods didnt he?

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