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Game 161 | Guess the Weight of the Marrow


Why not have a go at one of Meridell's more popular pastimes – guessing the weight of the marrow! Join in the farm fun by entering your guess! If you’re right, you’ll win a prize.


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GAME HELP : Here are some tips you can use while playing the game

As the title of the game says, you need to guess the weight of the marrow. It's a number between 200 and 800. The best chances to succes is to choose one number and keep using that until one day you guess correctly. Below you can type in your guess, and you can see what happens when you guess wrong, and which prizes you could win if you guess correctly. Good luck!

Ahhhh... all the fun that can be had down on the farm! Why not have a go at one of Meridell's more popular pastimes - guessing the weight of the Marrow!

Aye, she were a beaut!

That there is a picture of me with 'Old Bessie', the biggest Marrow ever grown in these parts, and most probably the whole of Neopia, all 100 tons of her. In honour of her memory, we have a daily guessing competition of the weight of the biggest marrow grown on the farm on each day. Want to have a go?

Marrow of the Day

Please enter your value as an integer (no decimals please). As a quick clue, the marrows usually weigh anywhere between 200 and 800 pounds (yes they are very heavy!) The first 10 people to guess the correct weight will receive a prize!


Oh well, don't worry too much, you can try again tomorrow. Shame really, because I had all these super cool rare items for you if you had won... oh well!


Aye, you certainly have an eye for me marrows! I've given you one of me special super-cool rare marrow items for winning the competition! Please check back tomorrow and remember to play again!

A slice of Marrow coated with lovely milk chocolate. Delicious!
Chocolate Marrow Slice
Elixir of Marrow
A plain old Marrow... this one is never going to grow as big as Old Bessie!
A big chunk of Marrow scooped out and filled with creamy rice pudding. YUMMM!!
Marrow and Rice Sundae
Fear the power of the Marrowblade!
Baby Marrowbeans are lovely when eaten raw.
Marrow Bean
Marrow Bone
Yummy, just the thing for parties!
Marrow Cream Pie
Delicious with melted butter.
Marrow Loaf
Boo! Im the marrow monster!
Marrow Mask
Aye, a good heaping portion of marrow will keep the doctor at bay!
Marrow Pie
Grew more marrows than you could possibly ever eat? Why not make a nice pair of shoes out of them.
Marrow Sandals

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