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Game 1,060 | Nickelodeon's Big Green Help Trivia

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How much do you know about being green? Take this quiz and find out! Ten multiple-choice questions will be posed; answer them as best you can and learn how you can make a difference!
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Not Active12/13/200803/17/201111
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2 minutes25,000300

1,000,000 total plays medal

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GAME HELP : This is a list of all the questions given in the game,
simply click the answer under the question to win.
    According to the Environmental Protection Agency, how much of American garbage is made up of packaging materials?
  • 1/3
    Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every WHAT?
  • Hour
    Changing one conventional light bulb to a compact fluorescent light bulb keeps how much global warming pollution out of the air?
  • One ton
    Environmentally-friendly paints contain low or no what?
  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
    Every American throws away how much trash a day?
  • About 2.5 lbs
    How big is the Pacific Gyre, the giant patch of plastic trash in the Pacific Ocean?
  • Twice the size of Texas
    How many bottles of water does it take to produce the plastic for a one-liter bottle of water?
  • 26
    How many gallons of cleaning products that include toxic chemicals does the average American use each year?
  • 25 gallons
    How much less energy does your computer monitor use in sleep mode?
  • 90%
    How much water can a leaky faucet waste in a year?
  • 3000 gallons
    How much water do Americans use each year?
  • 149 trillion gallons
    If everyone kept their tires properly inflated, how many barrels of oil a day could the US save?
  • 200,000
    Recycling one aluminum can will power what for 3 hours?
  • A TV set
    Recycling one ton of paper saves how many trees?
  • 17
    Switching your washing machine from hot to warm can cut energy use by how much?
  • 50%
    True or false: Driving slower saves gas.
  • True
    True or false: Plants remove CO2 and others toxins from the air.
  • True
    True or false: Restarting the engine uses more gas than leaving it running.
  • False, if your wait is longer than 30 seconds.
    True or false: Running a screensaver can cost you $50 in electricity a year.
  • True
    True or false: The FDA requires companies to test beauty products for toxic chemicals.
  • False
    True or false: When they're turned off, home electronics don't use any power.
  • False, if they're plugged in
    When companies make products from recycled material, it uses less energy.
  • True
    Which of these appliances accounts for 10-15% of energy use in the average home?
  • Refrigerator
    Which requires more energy to produce?
  • Paper bags
    Which uses more land and water?
  • Raising animals for food

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